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I'm a freelance writer by trade and have written for a broad range of publications, both in print and online.


I also offer a full range of creative copywriting and editorial services for all businesses, including; start-ups, SME’s and sole traders, as well as larger companies both in Ireland and internationally.


Below is a list of some of the more popular and commonly requested services I provide, but I cover everything to do with your corporate copy.


Above all I provide a creative sounding board for ideas with honest feedback, prompt delivery and competitive pricing.


Get in touch today to discuss your project.

Blogs, Website Copy, Social Media Management, 

I offer all kinds of ‘new media’ copywriting services, from blog posts to web copy, to complete social media management as well as e-zine and email marketing copy.


  • Your business needs a blog. It not only offers a way to communicate your ideas, products and services directly to your customers, but it also helps with SEO. Blogging has to be consistent, must be relevant, engaging and full of personality. I offer professionally written blog posts that will fit in with your corporate identity and bring readers back on a regular basis.


  • Good social media management is key to any business looking to thrive in the 21st Century. Consumers today will first ‘Google you’ or seek you out on Facebook, Twitter or even Linkedin and if those pages are not kept current, engaging and responsive to your customers’ needs, then you’re effectively shooting yourself in the foot.


  • Website copy has to be catchy and concise. Like the opener of a good book, it has to grab the reader’s attention. Whether you’re launching a brand new website and need engaging, eye-catching copy from scratch, or would like to re-vamp your passive, boring or out of date existing copy, then get in touch. I can craft creative website copy that’s going to be both informative and unique.

  • Management of Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts is a time consuming but vital part of business. We’ve all seen major players like Starbucks and Marks & Spencer’s hit the headlines after careless posting of potentially offensive or ill thought out messaging. I offer creative, responsive and appropriate management of your social media channels so that your message and brand ethos is represented in the best possible light.

Coporate Literature

You may find it difficult to articulate the passion and enthusiasm you have for your business or product into words, but if you want to engage with your customers it's vital you combine clear facts with creative copy that grabs hold of your audience and does not let go.


  • Corporate literature can cover everything from basic mission statements, to brochures, to leaflets, flyers, advertorials, to product descriptions, to proofreading and putting a polish on your information or simply bringing to life what you do in an imaginative and vivid way.


  • Speeches, addresses, marketing plans, executive summaries, drafting a Coporate Social Responsibility programme and important presentations can be daunting for businesses of any size to take on. I offer an experienced sounding board to bounce ideas off and can tailor the corporate copy to your needs.

Press Releases, Marketing & Ad Copy

As well as being an expert in crafting copy, I also have a background in Public Relations and if you're struggling to whip up a catchy press release that's going to grab that journalists attention in the right way, then I can help.


  • Press and marketing copy needs to be both word perfect and creative. I know what works and what doesn't.


  • It might be simply coming up with a snappy ad headline,  direct mail copy, radio ad copy, a tagline, a promotional paragraph or full press pack, but if it's not the holy trinity of accurate, imaginative and concise then it's not going to have the impact you want.



English Not Your First Language?

If English is not your first language that shouldn’t be a barrier to your success, but sadly it can often be a telling failing, with poor grammar and badly worded ‘clunky’ content that’s difficult to read. It can leave potential customers cold and ultimately when customers lose confidence, your bottom line will see a negative impact.


  • I can re-write and proof-read your corporate copy, be it online or traditional print, so that it sounds natural and creative and crucially engages with your customers in a positive way to enhance your bottom line.

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