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Is Facebook still important?

One of the many services I provide is social media management and while the realm of new social media outlets grows rapidly, for many SME’s Facebook and Twitter and the ones they see the most value in using. However, many of my clients are either too busy to manage these pages, or are overwhelmed by the ‘techie’ side of things. That’s where I come in. But one of the first questions I’m frequently asked is – ‘Is Facebook really that important?’

The short answer is yes and while the company continues to move toward monetising the site by pushing business to pay for posts and reach, the fact is that many of your potential customers will first seek you out on Facebook and if they are met with a stale, outdated page with zero interaction or content, they’ll turn right off.

So yes, Facebook is important. Think of it as your virtual shop front which means it needs to be as smart as your bricks and mortar presence. Even if you have a fully-fledged website for your business, you still need to have an up to date, well managed Facebook Page that is linked back to your own website.

There are certainly issues around the declining reach of many SME’s posts and interactions on Facebook, however with clever, creative management you can still leverage your following on Facebook by engaging with your ‘likers’ on a regular basis, which will in turn help to impact your bottom line.

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