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The Power of the Viral Video

How an ideal can go viral! The power of sharing!

Many of you will by now be over familiar with the Ice Bucket Challenge. The concept, which came from the states was initially dreamt up as a way to raise awareness of ALS or Motor Neuron Disease here and involves a person throwing a bucket of ice water over themselves. Its become a worldwide phenomenon with everyone from Hollywood celebrities, bigwigs like Google, to school classes to local sports teams, firemen, ambulance crews and even bemused ‘Irish Mammies’ taking part.

In fact many are now bemoaning their social media feeds being taken over by the videos. However with over €1 Million raised for Motor Neuron Disease in Ireland alone, it’s clear the idea has worked.

On another level away from the charity aspect, it’s been a way for business to promote themselves, by coming up with a unique Ice Bucket Challenge that is so good, it will go viral.

It’s a classic example of how powerful the concept of sharing social media videos can be and how small businesses need to think beyond the constraints of taking out straight ads in traditional print media for example. Instead, with a little creative ingenuity and a very low cost, a simple idea, done well can make much more of an impact than traditional forms of advertising.

Here’s some of my favourites that have done the rounds so far

Matt Damon highlighting water wastage

Google Ireland's epic ice bucket challenge

Patrick Stewarts tongue in cheek take on the whole thing

And this Irish girl's Ice Bucket fail thats reached over 1 million view on Youtube

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